Tero Cable Set for Stacking Battery 20.48kWh - TE-20KW-CABLEPACK


Brand: Tero Energy

Colour: Not Assigned

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Tero Cable Set for Stacking Battery 20.48kWh - TE-20KW-CABLEPACK

This exceptional cable set is meticulously designed to elevate your energy storage system's performance, providing you with unmatched control over energy usage and management.

Whether you're pursuing complete energy independence or striving to harness renewable sources effectively, this cable set empowers you to take charge of your energy future.

Engineered for flawless compatibility with stacking battery units, the Tero Cable Set ensures a robust and seamless connection between batteries. This translates to optimal energy transfer, minimal wastage, and maximised efficiency. Built with durability in mind, the cable set thrives in diverse environmental conditions, ensuring consistent, long-term performance. Ideal for systems that use up to 4 batteries.

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