Solar & Renewable Accessories

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Phase Renewables is your one-stop destination for a diverse range of Solar & Renewable Accessories.

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient accessories to maximise the performance of your solar energy systems. Explore our extensive collection of high-quality products designed to meet your specific requirements:

  • Solar Cable Connectors: Ensure secure and efficient connections for your solar cables with our top-notch connectors.

  • MID Meters: Monitor and measure the energy consumption of your solar installations with our reliable MID-approved meters.

  • Solar Cables: Choose from a variety of solar cables in different sizes and specifications to optimise the energy flow in your system.

  • Isolator Switches: Safely disconnect and isolate your solar panels or batteries with our durable and efficient isolator switches.

  • Warning Labels: Comply with safety regulations and clearly mark your solar installations with our high-quality warning labels.

  • Safety Switches: Protect your solar energy system from potential electrical faults using our reliable and robust safety switches.

  • Surge Protection: Protect your solar energy system from voltage spikes and surges with our advanced surge protection devices.

  • Energy Divertors: Advanced technologies allow it to redirect excess energy back to the home, heating water and powering household appliances on 100% self-generated green energy. 

At Phase Renewables, we prioritise the quality and performance of our products. Our Solar & Renewable Accessories are sourced from trusted manufacturers who adhere to stringent industry standards. Whether you are a homeowner, installer, or solar energy professional, we have the right accessories to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your solar energy system.

Request your quotation today and take a step towards harnessing the full potential of renewable energy. Choose Phase Renewables for reliable and efficient storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Alternatively you can give our team a call to discuss your project by calling 01424 231585.