Tethered EV Chargers

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Tethered EV Chargers: Your Ultimate Charging Solution

After investing in an electric vehicle, many consider the convenience of an at-home charger. Among the various styles of EV chargers available, tethered wall box chargers have emerged as a popular choice. These chargers come with a Type 2 charging cable permanently attached, reminiscent of a petrol pump, ensuring the cable remains in place and ready for use.

Advantages of Tethered EV Chargers:

  • High Convenience: The attached cable simplifies the charging process, reducing the steps involved compared to untethered charging points. This feature proves especially beneficial during adverse weather conditions or when time is of the essence.

  • Protection Against Theft: The permanent attachment of cables to tethered chargers reduces the risk of theft, offering a secure charging solution.

  • Cost Efficiency: Tethered EV chargers are cost-effective as they include all necessary components in a set price, eliminating additional expenses for cables.


  1. What are tethered EV chargers? Tethered EV chargers have a charging cable permanently attached to them, similar to a petrol pump. This design ensures the cable is always available for use.

  2. How do tethered chargers differ from untethered chargers? Unlike tethered chargers, untethered EV chargers do not have a permanently attached cable. Users need to manually plug in cables on both ends for charging.

  3. Are tethered chargers compatible with all electric vehicles? Tethered EV chargers are either compatible with a Type 1 or Type 2 electric car. Since the cable is non-detachable, it's essential to choose a charger compatible with your vehicle type.

  4. What are the limitations of tethered EV chargers? Tethered chargers may have a less tidy appearance due to the non-detachable cables. They also come with limited cable length options, typically between 4m and 8m, and are restricted to the type of vehicle they can charge.

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