Deligo Solar Warning Labels - WLSOLAR


Brand: Deligo

Colour: Not Assigned

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Deligo Solar Warning Labels - WLSOLAR

Deligo solar warning labels are a valuable tool for anyone who owns or operates a solar panel system. They can help to prevent accidents and injuries, and they can also help to protect your property from damage.

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  • 10 x “Warning Dual Supply. Do Not Work on this equipment until it is isolated from both the mains and the on-site generation supplies”
  • 10 x “PV Array DC Isolator WARNING, Contains live parts during daylight”
  • 10 x “Solar PV System Point of Emergency Switching”
  • 10 x “Live DC Cable, Do not disconnect DC plugs under load. Turn off AC and DC isolators first. Place around DC cable from PV array to DC isolar”
  • 5 x “DO NOT disconnect DC plugs and sockets under load - turn off AC supply first”
  • 10 x “PV array Junction Box DANGER Contains live parts during daylight”
  • 5 x “PV GENERATOR ISOLATOR (AC) point of emergency switching”
  • 5 x “INVERTER WARNING - Dual supply isolate AC and DC before carrying out work”
  • 1 x “Solar PV on roof”
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