Untethered EV Chargers

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Untethered EV Chargers by Phase Renewables: The Ultimate in Charging Flexibility

Embrace the future of electric vehicle charging with Phase Renewables' state-of-the-art range of Untethered EV Chargers. Our chargers are designed for those who seek versatility in their charging solutions, allowing users the freedom to connect and disconnect the charging cable based on their needs.

Each of our untethered chargers is meticulously engineered to be compatible with a broad spectrum of electric vehicles. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, Phase Renewables is committed to delivering charging solutions that stand the test of time.

Key Features of untethered electric vehicle chargers:

  • Versatile Charging: Our untethered design means you can easily switch between different cables, catering to various electric vehicle models.

  • Safety First: All our chargers come with built-in safety features, ensuring a secure charging experience every time.

  • Eco-Friendly: As part of our commitment to the environment, our chargers are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing your carbon footprint.

FAQs about untethered ev chargers:

  1. What is an untethered EV charger? An untethered EV charger does not have a permanently attached cable. This allows users to plug in their own charging cable, offering flexibility for different vehicle types.

  2. Why choose an untethered charger over a tethered one? Untethered chargers offer more flexibility, especially if you have multiple electric vehicles with different connectors. They also allow for easier cable replacement if needed.

  3. How do I know if an untethered charger is right for me? If you value flexibility, have multiple electric vehicles, or simply want the option to upgrade your cable in the future, an untethered charger might be the best choice for you.

  4. Are Phase Renewables' untethered chargers compatible with all electric vehicles? While our chargers are designed to be versatile, it's essential to check the specific connector types and compatibility. Feel free to contact our team for guidance.

  5. How do I maintain my untethered charger? Regularly inspect the charging point and cable for any wear or damage. Ensure the charging area remains clean and free from obstructions. For any technical concerns, our support team is always ready to assist.

  6. Can I upgrade my existing tethered charger to an untethered one? In many cases, it's possible to upgrade from a tethered to an untethered system. Please reach out to the specific manufacturer of your charger to enquire if this would be possible.

Request your quotation today and take a step towards harnessing the full potential of renewable energy. Choose Phase Renewables for reliable and efficient storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Alternatively you can give our team a call to discuss your project by calling 01424 231585.