SolaX EPS Parallel Box For X3 Hybrid Inverters Max 10 PCS - X3-PBOX-150KW-G3

Product Code: X3-PBOX-150KW-G3 X3-PBOX-150KW-G3

Brand: SolaX

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Upgrade your power system with the SolaX EPS Parallel Box for X3 Hybrid Inverters - X3-PBOX-150KW-G3. This advanced solution, designed for simplicity and reliability, offers convenient wiring and ensures a robust backup power system in parallel.

The X3-PBOX-150KW-G3 is engineered for easy integration, providing a hassle-free paralleling process. Experience the convenience of quick and straightforward installation, optimizing your system's performance with minimal effort.

Benefit from reliable backup power in parallel with the EPS Parallel Box. Designed for the X-Hybrid G4 inverter, this solution allows the formation of a parallel setup accommodating up to 10 inverters. Enjoy uninterrupted energy supply, adding resilience to your power infrastructure.

Immerse yourself in a world of convenience and efficiency with the EPS Parallel Box. Its streamlined paralleling process ensures a quick and easy installation, while the parallel operation capability enhances the reliability of your energy supply. Choose the EPS Parallel Box for a simplified and powerful solution.

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  • Convenient Wiring
  • Reliable Backup Power in Parallel Provided
  • Max. Grid Input Current: 217A
  • Compatible Inverter: 5-10
  • Switchover Time: <10s
  • Net Weight: 41kg

Additional Information

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 776 x 740 x 234mm
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