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Zappi Electric Vehicle Chargers: Drive Towards a Greener Future | Phase Renewables

Phase Renewables is proud to present Zappi, a cutting-edge brand revolutionising electric vehicle charging. With a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, Zappi offers intelligent EV charging solutions that empower users to embrace greener mobility.

Zappi Electric Vehicle Chargers: A Smarter Way to Charge

Zappi electric vehicle chargers are engineered to deliver efficient and cost-effective EV charging solutions for both residential and commercial settings. With their smart charging capabilities, Zappi chargers intelligently manage the charging process to optimize energy usage and reduce carbon footprint. Key products available at Phase Renewables include:

  1. Zappi V2: The Zappi V2 offers versatile charging options with its three charging modes - Eco, Eco+ and Fast. It enables users to charge their EVs using surplus solar or wind energy, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners and businesses.

  2. Zappi V2G: Zappi V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) technology takes EV charging to the next level by allowing bidirectional energy flow. This means your EV battery can supply power back to your home or the grid when needed, fostering a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

  3. Zappi BOOST: The Zappi BOOST enhances the charging capabilities of the Zappi V2 by enabling rapid charging through grid energy. This feature is useful for users who require faster charging times without compromising on energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zappi Electric Vehicle Chargers

Q: Can I charge my EV using renewable energy with Zappi?

A: Yes, Zappi chargers offer multiple charging modes, including Eco and Eco+, which prioritise renewable energy sources like solar or wind power to charge your EV.

Q: How does Zappi V2G work?

A: Zappi V2G technology enables your EV battery to discharge energy back into your home or the grid when required. This two-way energy flow enhances energy management and contributes to grid stabilisation.

Q: Are Zappi EV chargers compatible with all electric vehicles?

A: Zappi chargers are designed to be compatible with most electric vehicles on the market. However, it's essential to check the compatibility with your specific EV model.

Zappi electric vehicle chargers from Phase Renewables represent the future of eco-friendly mobility. With their intelligent charging capabilities and dedication to sustainability, Zappi empowers users to make greener choices while driving towards a cleaner future. Explore our selection of Zappi products and take a step towards a more environmentally-conscious way of charging your electric vehicle.