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Rolec Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions | Phase Renewables

Phase Renewables is excited to introduce Rolec, a leading brand in electric vehicle charging solutions. With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, Rolec offers a wide range of EV charging products designed to meet the demands of electric mobility.

Rolec Electric Vehicle Charging Products: Powering Your EV Journey

At Phase Renewables, we offer an extensive selection of Rolec electric vehicle charging solutions, catering to both residential and commercial requirements. Key Rolec products available include:

  1. Rolec WallPod: The Rolec WallPod is a versatile and robust charging point suitable for home and workplace installations, offering reliable charging for electric vehicles.

  2. Rolec SecuriCharge: Designed for commercial applications, the Rolec SecuriCharge provides secure and efficient charging solutions for public and private parking spaces.

  3. Rolec EV Charging Accessories: We also offer a range of Rolec accessories, including cable holders and protective covers, to enhance the functionality and safety of your EV charging setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rolec Chargers

Q: Are Rolec chargers compatible with my electric vehicle?

A: Yes, Rolec chargers are designed to be compatible with all major electric vehicle models, ensuring a seamless charging experience for various EV brands.

Q: Can I control Rolec chargers remotely?

A: Rolec offers smart charging solutions that allow for remote control through a mobile app, making it convenient to monitor and manage your EV charging process.

Q: Are Rolec charging points weather-resistant?

A: Yes, Rolec charging points are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in outdoor installations.

Rolec is a trusted brand that provides reliable and innovative electric vehicle charging solutions for a sustainable future. At Phase Renewables, we take pride in offering a diverse range of Rolec products to support your EV charging needs. Experience the benefits of efficient and smart charging with Rolec chargers and embrace the future of electric mobility. Choose Rolec at Phase Renewables for an eco-friendly and seamless EV charging experience.